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The Face!

The Face first appeared in the Columbia Comics omnibus title Big Shot Comics #1 (May 1940) and continued until issue #62 (January 1946). From issue #63 the feature continued as "Tony Trent" until Big Shot #104, the final issue of the series. Apart from appearing in Big Shot, The Face also had two issues of his own title (1941-1942), as well as two as Tony Trent (1948).[2] Originally created by Mart Bailey, the character wore a frightening green mask, with flaming red hair, a vampire's white fangs and ghoulish yellow eyes. Underneath the mask was a deep blue tuxedo, which gave him more class. His alter ego was Tony Trent. Tony's outgoing personality made him perfect for his job at a broadcasting station. In the 1980s, new stories were published by Ron Frantz' Ace Comics. Three issues of What is... The Face? were published.[3] After the Face passed into the public domain, a character heavily based on him, called Mr. Face, was introduced for the 2008 limited series Project Superpowers, published by Dynamite Entertainment The Face is radio announcer Tony Trent, who decides to fight crime after having witnessed a murder committed by gangsters disguised as cops. Having no innate superpowers, he instead uses a frightful mask to scare criminals, not unlike Batman. With issue #63, he no longer wears the mask and fights crime as himself. The Face has no superpowers, usually relying on his masked appearance to scare his opponents. Later he developed an expertise in unarmed combat, and was an excellent marksman with a mastery with most weapons as well as being an expert swordsman. Mr. Face has the ability to make his opponents experience their worst fears while looking at his masked face.

by Urbantrixsta